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Thomas Power

Personal life By Thomas Power
Life was going perfectly. I was single, I had lots of friends, and everything was perfect. When I was three, everything when another way. One of my friends moved away, I started nursery and worst of all, my sister was born. Then, I started school. The first years were perfect. I got all of my attention back, I made lots of new friends and I got a break from my sister. When I got to grade/year 3, it went back to the bad days again. My sister started school so she got all of the attention, at school, I couldn't stay out of trouble and a lot of the class fell out with me because of a lie one of the girls made up about me. This was terrible. Then in Y4, everyone forgot about it and it was back to how I like it. Yankue started for proper, I was better at IT and had much more time to work on Yankue projects. In Y5, Yankue got much more popular. But on the bad side, everyone was annoying me for no apparent reason. If you are one of the people, click here. All of the current moderators joined in that year.
How he got into IT By iHeartCake
One day (2012), in IT his class were taught how to use Scratch. Scratch is a block coding platform. That introduced him to the world of code. Then, downloaded Java, Google sites, Wix, Weebly, Unity, Blender, TinyTake and many more web and program/app developping recorses. Then, created Yankue. And, if I tell you any more it will have to be predictions because that leads us to now.
Achievements in Yankue