Notice: We have many more websites, these are just the ones with an edit in the last 4 months recorded to avoid a list of inactive websites.
 Site name
 Description Status
 Quist Club
 Get help managing your YouTube and other social media, meet other people in the same situation, and at the end of the day, get views and make money.
 Yankue Kids
 A safe, fun place to put your 1-15 year olds to read, play games and learn. There is no online communication with other children, and is under 24 hour attention.
 Yankue Store
 Perchase all of Yankue's games & software and use all of the points on your Yankue Contactless Card to perchase stuff.
Offline = website not working, due to maintanance or technical failure
Online = website working as normal
Strike = website online, but some pages have been removed due to lack of views, inappropriate content or technical failure