Think you've got what it takes to become a volunteer for Yankue? Read this page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Some details that are crucial to know when doing the job are top secret and we won't tell you until you've got the job and you've been working with us for 3 weeks with no mistakes.
What you'll be doing as a volunteer
You will be able to create web pages, read the inboxes and all of the other required jobs. You will not just be working on yankue.com, you will also be working on the other Yankue website, use social media and lots of other external websites. There is absolutely no pay.
Vacant jobs
1X  Social networker (YouTube, Google+)
4X  Editors (Editing existing pages)
4X  Authors (Creating new pages and articles)
1X  Advertiser (Creating offers and deals to advertise the company)

You can choose any of the jobs listed above and you will almost certainly get that job.
All rules
  • Do not tell anybody any of the secrets behind the website whether you are currently a volunteer or given up.